Stop lugging all those bottles from the grocery store. Turn water into a flavored beverage with just one click.

Save Money

One pod makes up to 12 flavored bottles. That is the equivalent of less than 42 cents for each 20 oz. drink!

This is not an ordinary water bottle

The Selah water bottle has two doors that can be loaded with flavor pods so you can create your own custom beverage with just the push of a button! Mix and match flavors and flavor-strengths and be your own mixologist!

Reduce your carbon footprint

Selah pods use 99% less plastic than flavored drinks sold in single-use plastic bottles. Here's how: 1 pod can flavor almost 2 gallons of water, which can lead to a reduction of up to 20 (16.9oz) plastic bottles per pod.

A selah flavor pod weighs 0.5 oz. A disposable 16.9 oz plastic bottle requires almost thirty times more plastic. In relative terms, this means that our pods use 99% less plastic waste compared to single-use plastic bottles.

With just the push of a button you can turn ordinary water into a delicious flavored beverage

One click = light flavor

Two clicks = full flavor

Three clicks = bold flavor

Have fun experimenting with different flavor mixes

What Others are Saying

I'm so happy I found the Selah water bottle because the whole family is drinking so much more water! Annabelle's favorite is Strawberry Lemonade!

Becca and Annabelle

What Others are Saying

I love mixing all the flavors in my Selah bottle. I love how all the flavors make water taste delicious, but my favorites are Peach Ice Tea and Strawberry Lemonade mixed together!


Verified Customer

What Others are Saying

Love my Selah water bottle! The all-natural flavors help me to keep drinking water all-day long!


Verified Customer