Selah FAQs

Flavor Pods

Q: The pods taste too good to be healthy - what’s the catch?
There’s no catch. All of our flavors use only natural ingredients and have zero sugar, zero calories, zero artificial flavors, zero artificial sweeteners, and zero artificial colors.

Q: Do the Selah pods contain sugar or artificial sweeteners?
No. Selah pods are all-natural. Some flavors contain stevia leaf extract, and others are unsweetened. Stevia is an intensely sweet-tasting plant native to Paraguay and Brazil that has been used to sweeten beverages and make tea since the 16th century.

Q: How many calories are in each Selah beverage?

Q: Do Selah pods contain vitamins?
Yes. Most Selah flavor pods are packed with B Vitamins, Vitamin C, & Zinc. (The Unsweetened, Sport, and Energy pods do not contain vitamins).

Q: How long does a Selah pod last?
Each Selah flavor pods contains up to 12 servings of lightly flavored water or 6 servings or fully flavored water (per 20 oz bottle). If you want a more intense flavor, then just click the button on your bottle up to 3 times. We do not recommend more than 3 servings.

Q: How come I depleted my Selah pod so quickly?
You probably got a little trigger happy. Be careful not to push the button up on your bottle unless you want to add more flavor!

Q: How do I know when my pod is empty?
When the pod is empty you will not feel any pressure when you push-up on the dispensing button on the bottle. Plus, you will taste that no flavor has been dispensed into your water.

Q: Will you be coming out with new flavors?
Yes! Every month we will be dropping new flavors. And the best part is that you get to choose your favorite! Just make sure you have opted-in to receive text messages. If you haven’t signed up yet click here to vote on next month’s flavor.

Q: How do I control the flavor inside my Selah bottle?
Once your pod is loaded in the pod compartment just push-up on the dispensing button to add flavor.

Q: Can I select more than one flavor at a time?
Yes. That is why your bottle has two doors for flavor pods. So get ready to be your own mixologist and mix and match your favorite flavors.

Q: Can you compare the cost of Selah pods to bottled drinks?

Each lightly flavored 20 oz Selah bottle cost about 40 cents, and each fully flavored bottle is about 80 cents. This is significantly cheaper than what you would purchase at a convenience store, and the best part is that it’s right at your fingertips without any of the harmful environmental impacts of disposable bottles.

Q: How long is a Selah pod good for after it is opened and loaded into the bottle?
It is recommended that you use your pod within 7 days after loading it into the bottle.

Q: Do the pods need to be refrigerated?

Q: Are the Selah pods recyclable?
Yes! All Selah flavor pods are widely recyclable, which means they are accepted in most local recycling programs across the USA. When the pod is empty, simply drop the pods right into a plastic recycling bin. If you're not sure about your local recycling regulations, please check with your local jurisdiction.

At Selah, we are committed to helping you significantly decrease your carbon footprint. Each Selah pod uses 1/16th the plastic of comparable single use bottles, and each pod can reduce plastic waste by 90% and can reduce shipping volume by 99% ( as compared to six 20 oz full-flavored bottled beverages).

Selah bottle

Q: Why is my Selah water bottle leaking?
This can have a few different causes:
1.You may have not closed the lid tightly enough
2. You may have filled the bottle too high with water. Try to not fill the bottle with water above the flavor pod compartment.
3. You removed a flavor pod while the bottle was filled with water. To avoid leakage you must empty the bottle before removing or inserting pods. Remember, you cannot use the bottle without a pod inserted in both compartments (or else it will most certainly leak).

Q: I’m having trouble loading the flavor pods into my Selah bottle. Can you help?

1. Remove the pod seal and find the arrow on the pod. Make sure the arrow is facing you when you insert pod. 

2. Open door and pull the podkeeper down. Press the pod flat against the upper compartment and guide it up until snug (do not try to insert the pod on an angle).

3. Push the podkeeper up and then push rod to start line. Close door and you’re ready for flavor! 

Q: Do I have to load two pods into my Selah bottle or can I just load one?
To avoid leakage, only remove pods when bottle is empty of water. Do not fill or empty the bottle unless a pod is loaded in both pod compartments. 

Q: How come the pod compartment door won’t close?
Check that your pod is inserted correctly (see above). Also check that you have swung the podkeeper up to the bottom of the pod and that you have pressed the bar up to the START position.

Q: How many ounces does my Selah bottle hold?
20 oz (620 ml)

Q: Can I take out the pod and use it later?
Sure. Just remember to empty your bottle first and then replace your pod with a new pod or else the bottle will leak.
When you insert a pod that has already been used make sure you move the rod up - past the START line - until you feel pressure from the bottom of the pod. Now you are ready to dispense. You may need an extra click to prime the pod  

Please make sure to use the pod within 7 days of removing the seal.

Q: Does the Selah bottle fit in a cup holder?

Q: Is the Selah water bottle dishwasher safe?
Yes (top rack only). However, to ensure longevity we recommend you hand wash only.

Q: Does the big lid come off?
Yes. Feel free to open it to clean and to add ice. A unique feature of our bottle is that you will never lose the cap because it always remains tethered to the bottle!

Q: Can I use hot water in my Selah bottle?
Yes. However, our Selah flavor pods are designed to be mixed with cold water.

Q: Can I use sparkling water in my bottle ?

Q: I can’t open the large cap? Can you help?
No problem. Try to place your palm on the smaller drinking spout and twist with full strength. This should do the trick.

To avoid this problem in the future please don’t attempt to tighten the large cap with extra strength. Don’t worry, even if the bottle is full it will not leak if closed properly.

Q: The bottle is cracked or physically damaged. How do I get a replacement?
We are sorry to hear that.

Please contact our Customer Service directly ( and send us photos and proof of purchase. This way we can help you directly, check the defect, and send you out a free replacement bottle if necessary.

Health Questions

Q: Are Selah pods safe for children?
Yes. The all-natural ingredients in Selah flavor pods are safe for everyone. At Selah we believe that the Selah flavor pod system provides a healthy and natural way to get your kids to drink more water! Of course, we recommend that children stay away from our caffeinated line of flavor pods.

Q: Are Selah pods safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?
Yes. The all-natural ingredients in Selah flavor pods are safe for everyone, but if you are concerned about drinking Selah products while pregnant or breastfeeding than we recommend talking to your doctor or healthcare provider.

Q: Are the Selah pods vegan?

Q: Are the Selah pods kosher?
Yes. They are certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC).

Q: Which vitamins are in the pods?
Our Vitamin Pods are enriched with B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and Zinc.

Q: How much caffeine is in the coffee pods?
Each serving of Selah caffeinated pods contains 60 mg of caffeine per serving (a serving of caffeinated pods is two clicks). In comparison, the average cup of coffee contains 95 mg of caffeine.

Q: How many electrolytes are in the SPORT Pods?
Each serving of Selah electrolyte pods contains 50 mg of sodium (sea salt) and 40 mg of potassium per serving (a serving of caffeinated pods is two clicks).